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Is It Easy To Use?

A: Yes – the A-bike is designed to be folded and unfolded in under 10 seconds. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to do this with a simple step by step guide provided with the A-bike

A: Yes – the use of a dynamically geared twin chain system enables users to pedal normally and retain their balance. In addition the high performance 90psi pneumatic tyres allow for a smooth and comfortable ride on most hard surfaces. The size of the wheels is of course one of the key factors in making the bike so lightweight and compact.

A: Yes – in fact the A-bike has 2 chains! The internal twin chain system is totally encased at the rear of the A-bike which has the benefit of keeping grease and dirt away from clothes and hands.
The A-bike has a single gear transmission optimised for commuters and easy use.

A: Yes – the ergonomically designed saddle has a simple quick release clamp allowing it to be easily moved up or down as required in a few seconds.

Where can I use one?

A: Yes – the A-bike has been specifically designed to meet all the everyday short-journey needs of commuters.
Whether on the bus, train or the Tube the A-bike’s compact folded size means it’s little different to taking a rucksack or a laptop with you; and light enough to easily place in the overhead luggage racks or just keep by your feet.
The A-bike is the only bike approved by Transport for London for taking on the tube and the rush hour restrictions on bicycles applied by many train operators don’t have any relevance.
In fact, the A-bike is so compact it’s the world’s first bike you can take on a plane in your hand luggage – but check with your carrier first!

A: No – the A-bike is designed to be ridden on hard surfaces only. Soft surfaces such as grass and carpet and surfaces with loose coverings such as gravel should be avoided.

A: Yes – the A-bike performs like any other bike so braking distances will be increased in wet conditions so extra care should be taken. In addition the materials used will not rust so the A-bike is more than capable of surviving the traditional British weather

A: Yes – the A-bike has a full reflector system but we recommend an additional lighting system and reflective clothing be used in accordance with the Road Safety laws should be used also.

Where can I buy one?

A: No – www.a-bike.co.uk is the only place to purchase the A-bike at present
If you are flying though, the A-bike may be available at Dixons stores airside.

A: Yes – we offer a try-and-buy facility at our offices in LondonW3 from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday where you can test a bike, talk to us and then take one away with you. Please email test@a-bike.co.uk for details

A: Yes – a full spares list is carried on the website should you accidentally damage any key parts. We also offer full advice on servicing and maintenance service details are given in the instructions.

A: Yes – if your employer is signed up with www.cyclescheme.co.uk , the UK’s leading company in providing corporate tax free bike ownership schemes,
A-bike.co.uk is a partner website.

User info

A: The steering on any bike appears ‘twitchy’ when you ride it for the first time. The A-bike is no different in this respect. Most people find it takes only about 5 minutes to get used to riding it

A: Full step by step details are given in the instructions. Once the wheel is removed the process of changing tyres and inner tubes is essentially the same as with any other bike. We recommend using a pump with a flexible hose to inflate the tyres.

A: Yes the reflectors are required to comply with the BS safety standard.

A: Yes they are available in pdf format to view or download in the News & Reviews / Downloads section.

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